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3-Piece Suit


When it comes to men’s modern suit styles, designs, and types, “one look fits all” simply doesn’t apply and never will. Indeed, not only do bodies and personalities vary from one man to the next, but throughout your lifetime you too will physically and mentally change. That’s not to mention how different occasions call for different types of suits, and suit trends will change over time as well..



Men’s suit jackets
are defined by many things: the fabric from which they are made, including its color and weight; the style or cut of the suit; the details or trimming applied; the degree of customization to its wearer, etc.

Of these, the cut is paramount – a poorly cut suit will never look right on the wearer, regardless of the quality or detailing.

The cut of a suit is a product of two elements: the overall silhouette and the particular proportions of the man who will be wearing it.

Men’s Suit Fabric

After cut and customization, suit fabric is the next consideration.

While the difference in quality between an off the rack and bespoke suit is imminently obvious, both can appear quite stylish; that is not the case with poor quality fabric, which can make even the most expensive custom suit appear cheap.

The most traditional fabric for a suit is wool, with a dizzying array of colors and weights to choose from.

Men’s Suit Trimming

Perhaps the final indicator of quality is the suit’s trimming, the selection of its details. Options include pocket styles, linings, button materials, and the addition of subtle signals of the suit’s quality such as ticket pockets and functional sleeve buttons.

These little elements, though they may seem extraneous, are signs of the suit’s personality, as well as the wearer’s. Good details won’t make a poor suit into a quality one, but they do elevate suits at every quality level from the ordinary to the individual.



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