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Wild Growth Hair Oil

  • Promotes thick, long hair growth.
  • Reduces blow-drying time (Please, Follow DIRECTIONS Exact for Proper Use).
  • Softens and detangles hair.
  • Stretches relaxers.
  • Concentrated formula

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Well, if you have heard about this hair care product and even used it, you are probably aware of the benefits. In case, you haven’t, it is an excellent product that helps you to grow your hair at a rapid rate.

The best part is that it is way inexpensive. It’s less costly than the special shampoos and conditioners available in the market.

The presence of harsh chemicals and toxins along with the frequent chemical hair treatment gives rise to the different hair problems. The most prominent being hair thinning and hair falling.

While looking for a healthier and longer hair in a natural way, you will be happy to know that the access to Wild Growth Hair Oil is very easy.

The 100% natural oil is the answer to all your problems.


Wild Growth as a brand has been in the market since 1985 and has come up with a wide array of hair care products.

More than three decades the company is committed in the manufacturing of products using only the natural ingredients.

The use of the natural ingredients in the products is one of the USPs of the company that has made it so popular among the customers.

33 years, and the company is still functioning successfully with millions of happy customers.

The company has always been concerned with the safety of its customers. Hence, it has never compromised with the natural ingredients. For the last so many years the happy and the satisfied customers have been uploading pictures of their amazing hair growth using the hair oil.


When you explore the market, you will find that there are so many different hair oil products.

Accessible for varying types of hair and distinct functions like de-tangling, smoothening, hair growth and the list go on. This definitely makes it costlier.

But, when you have the Wild Growth Hair Oil, you don’t have to worry about anything, as it is suitable for all types and kinds of hair.

Moreover, the hair oil has the reputation of rendering several benefits. Some of them includes:

  • Hair growth
  • Hair condition
  • Add shine and luster
  • Add volume and body
  • Management of tangles and frizzes
  • Acts as a hair relaxing agent

All you need to do is take a few drops of the oil on your scalp and the strands of the hair. You will definitely experience longer, healthier, shinier and a fuller hair.

hair growth oil

Natural oil to regrow your hair


The best part is, that this hair oil use only natural ingredients . Hence, the hair oil that can be used by anyone, even younger ones. In fact, the younger you start with the use of the oil, it will prevent your hair from falling prey to several problems and issues. This hair growth oil is considered as a miracle, but you have to ensure that you are not overusing it on your scalp.

When you are applying a whole lot of the oil on your hair and scalp, it will basically do more harm than doing the good.

Overusing can make your hair oily and greasy and thereby hair look dirty and unattractive. We recommend that you should use the oil as much as required.

You can leave the oil overnight and then wash it the very next morning.

When to use?

Using the Wild Growth hair oil thickens your hair, especially when you are struggling with hair thinning and hair loss issues. Using the oil on a regular basis can strengthen the weak hair strands and also guard against further damage. Thanks to the presence of the natural ingredients, making it easier and a simpler way to maintain and care for your hair.

Now, the question is how does the hair oil work and render the required results? Perhaps the best thing about the hair oil product is that you don’t have to do anything additional to apply the oil. The entire process is easy and simple. All that you need to do is take a few drops and start massaging your scalp and leave it for few hours or overnight and wash it. Using it twice a week is recommended.

When you start using the oil, your hair also stays protected against the damaging effects of the blow dryers, flat irons, chemicals. Dyes, perms and other styling products that are known as the enemies to your hair. But applying the oil acts as an umbrella. Hence, you don’t have to be concerned anymore with the detrimental effects of the hair styling products and chemicals.

What are the ingredients?

There is no hair oil review that is complete with the explanation of the ingredients that is present promoting the benefits. Well, the Wild Growth Hair Oil review follows the same pattern as well. If you are concerned with the ingredients available, you will be happy to know that this oil use natural and plant based ingredients. The reason behind the rapid hair growth and other benefits.

Natural oils and hair vitamins:

  • Coconut oil
  • Jojoba oil
  • Olive oil 
  • Vitamin D
  • Phosphorus
  • Calcium
  • Iron
  • Choline
  • Inositol
  • Magnesium
  • Natural Color and Fragrance are the main ingredients of the oil.

Of all the ingredients, Coconut Oil, Jojoba oil and Olive Oil make all the difference that you experience. The three are plant based ingredients that naturally hydrate and conditions your hair.

wild growth hair oil

Complex of the natural hair growth oils and vitamins

Olive oil

When you use too much of heated hair dryers and blowers along with curlers and flat irons, your hair is exposed to damage. The presence of fatty acids in the olive oil helps protect the roots of your damaged hair and also prevents any further damage. Since your hair gets protected, olive oil also promotes growth rapidly.

Jojoba oil

The presence of Jojoba oil takes this hair care product one step further. The Jojoba oil not only helps to heal the damaged ends, but aids your scalp skin to produce oil and maintain the healthy hair.

Coconut oil

The benefits of coconut oil is a well known fact. This oil penetrated deep into the scalp and conditions your oil like olive and Jojoba oil, the coconut oil is also a fatty acid.

The presence of Vitamin D promotes the growth of healthy and fuller hair. Phosphorus is yet another natural ingredient which is plant-based and also promotes the hair growth.

When all the natural ingredients in the Wild Growth Hair Oil are combined together, it makes your hair healthier and longer with lesser chance of spilt ends, frizzy and rough hair.

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